We offer our clients a wide range of finishing and high-end decoration, corresponding to the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the product.

We select efficient partners to work with in surface finishing (electroplating, metallisation lacquering, coating and anodizing for aluminium) and we can realize elaborate designs (screen printing, pad- printing, hot stamping….)


This surface finishing process is based on electrolysis.

Various substrate materials can be used : gold, chrome, nickel, silver …

Electroplating is a high performance process providing all necessary guarantees in terms of quality and aestheticism.

It also increases the corrosion resistance of the component.


We offer our clients to metallise their components.

This process consists in spraying onto the plastic surface a layer of aluminium along with a protective varnish (PU or UV) in the desired color.

Metallisation is a thoroughly tested and reliable process.


This finishing process can be proposed on UV or PU production chain (large runs) or totally manually (small runs). This process is also a protective coat (against perfume or scratches) or an aesthetic luxury finishing depending the final use contemplated.


We use various processes to realize the decorative designs :
- Pad-printing :
- Hot stamping 
- Screen printing :

The above technical means offer a wide range of aesthetic and design possibilities.